Disciplining Your Pet Chinchilla

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Disciplining Your Pet Chinchilla

Be conscious of how you intend to discipline your pet. They would not respond if you try to discipline them by shouting, hitting or by making them feel that you are angry. When you discipline your pet using physical ways for example, not only will they not respond and learn, they would also have physical wounds that might be too hard and painful for them to bear. Chinchillas get scared easily and find it hard to trust humans so doing this would not do you any good at all.

When they feel scared of their owner, chances are, they would most likely not respond to your commands and would certainly feel stressed out. When they are stressed out and feel your anger, thye will become hostile and will treat your indifferently. Avoid blowing on your pet's face as a form of punishment because they can easily contact germs that can also weaken their health and might cause them to have colds and cough.

Chinchillas that are hostile spray urine. This is their way of acting out on their desire to withdraw. They will feel defensive without really knowing why. They wouldn't stop spraying urine until they find out exactly what is keeping them feeling defensive.

When your pet feels that you are not necessarily try to put them down, they will feel so much better. You need to show your pet just how much you love them and how patient you actually are in treating them. Chinchillas, like humans also want to be treated with respect.

When you show your love, care and patience to your pet, they will also respond to you positively. You can train them by being strict but not necessarily stern and scary. Avoid shouting at your pet.

If your pet is withdrawn because it was previously abused and the like, it might be necessary for you to have them rehabilitated. Rehabilitation can certainly help your pet in a lot of ways. You also have to have a certain level of maturity when treating your pet and bear in mind that they are exotic pets that need special care and attention.

See to it that you interact with your pet in a calm and relaxed manner. Be patient at all times even if it can be hard at some instances. Your pet will certainly know if you can take care of it really well and when you do, they would make you feel that they actually appreciate it.

Never get tired of caring for your pet because even if at times it feels that they don't understand and don't appreciate what you are doing for them, they certainly would and you will know it.