How To Deal With Attack Dogs While Running

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How To Deal With Attack Dogs While Running

Many people may have the experience, running on the road and meet dogs. France talked with me and he mentioned his experience bite by a dog when running. The dog owner smiled and talked to him: "it only bites lightly". Mr. France said:" Is it gently bite? Look at my belly, it is bleeding". The owner laughed again and said:" It's just joke".

This clearly proves that all dog owners have a eccentricity that their dog will not do bad things in any conditions. I met a dog in a near by park when running and experienced unhappy things. I pick a big stick in hurry to keep the dog away from me. Its owner rushed over and ordered me to throw away the stick. He said, "You scared my dog". I am not happy and answered: "Your dog scared me". He said:" you can exercise at other places, my dog has the same right to stay here".

In brief, you can not get sympathy from dog owners. In the opposite, you would learn how to protect you in any conditions. When comes to how to protect yourself, there are many ways. Some years ago, I tried all these ways and discussed with many runners about this issue. Almost once discussed with a veterinary who loves running too. He offered some understanding about dog psychology. Here are the main ways to deal with the dogs for runners.

Make friends with dogs. Attempt to make friends with dogs using the Christ's love.

Richardson roars exclusion method. Richardson is a dog person who has detailed study of legislation on dogs. He relied on the roar of this imperative: "Go! ", "Go away!" He said this method always does a lot. But to know that he stands six feet three inches, I think if you look as tall as Richardson, no matter what method will be effective.

Neglect the dogs. That means if you meet dogs, you pretended not notice them. This method is not always effective. When a dog barks to you, it wants to get your attention. If you do not take care of it, that will be more dangerous.


Runners do some crazy jump activities. Implementation of this approach have to wait until the time dog near you, but not yet reached that critical moment you run as usual. When the dog is almost flew your body, you suddenly turn to it, let out the strange scary roar. Most dogs will think about if such a deal is appropriate.

Frighten it. Dogs naturally do not like throwing things to them. If you bend down, and seems like you are picking stones, most dogs will turn away, to the most courageous dogs you would take other measures.

These methods are not very insurance. However, as can be seen from the above; the last two seem the best. A veterinary told me that each dog is loyal to his territory. If a runner gets into the territory, he will kindly remind you by some barks. Calm state will be safe and It is useful in most occasions. If you are afraid of them, dogs will be more furious.