How To Select The Right Pet Cremation Services

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How To Select The Right Pet Cremation Services

Deciding to acquire a pet cremation service is an important decision for many people. Because pets are family to many owners, the idea of leaving a pet at a vet's office or performing a backyard memorial can be too emotional. Therefore, understanding how to choose funeral services for a pet will help owners to cope with this sensitive issue.

Selecting memorial plan details and using a reputable company helps the owners avoid problems that may cause additional emotional grief.

One of the best ways that animal lovers can ensure a smooth commemorative process is to research the operating policies of the company. Some crematoriums do not treat pets with respect, by performing all chamber services without separating each dog or cat from other animals.

To the horror of the requester, they find out that their pets ashes have not been separated from those of others. To avoid this issue, animal lovers can request the services of a company that provides viewing cremations, private cremations or communal cremations.

A viewing cremation allows the client to be present during the time of the service. This will allow the customer and family to say any last words, and it will ensure that the owner knows that their pets' ashes are kept separate from birds or other animals.

A crematory company that performs private or individual cremation services only places one pet at a time within the processing chamber. Then, they respectfully place the ashes within a sealed plastic bag, and deliver it to the owner to allow them to have their own private commemoration.

A communal cremation service means that pets are cremated together. They will still be handled carefully, placed side by side on the hearth and at the end of the cremation the ashes will go to a memorial area where pet owners may be able to place a memorial.

Understanding how animal crematorium services are priced also helps each client make the best decision that will fit their needs. Many service providers determine the price of their services based on the size of the pet. For instance, pets under 50 pounds may be prices at $49, while pets over 100 pounds may be priced at $125.

Furthermore, services may also be prices based on the type of animal. Therefore, birds, dogs, and other animals will all have a different rate.

Moreover, some companies may also charge an additional price for personalized urn services. For that reason, the animal owner will have to pay extra for an urn purchased at the crematorium. Personalized names and words placed on the urns are also an extra cost, as well as a request for the remains to be transferred to a commemorative marker.

Many people arrange a cremation through their veterinary clinic but that can lead to misunderstandings as most practices have little understanding of the operation of a pet crematorium. They basically act as sales people for the crematorium but often do not realise they are selling an unregulated service that is not necesssarily carried out the way the requesting pet owner is expecting.

To ensure an efficient and smooth pet cremation experience people are advised to contact their pet crematorium direct and to ensure they receive a statement about the operation that meets their expectations. That way they can discuss cremation options and request a home pickup and delivery service and any other details that help them with the loss of their pet.


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