Teach Your Dog To Say Prayers

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Teach Your Dog To Say Prayers

Hot spots on dogs are frustrating and difficult to manage. Hot spots on dogs represent a terrible morbidity for itchy dogs.

Mutilation may be self inflicted by scratching due to the intense itch.

As the rubbing and itching and scratching continues, the skin is traumatised. If the skin is traumatised from repeated scratching, it weeps.

The damaged skin weeps and sticks the hair together forming a crust. Hot spots on dogs develop rapidly and spread like a wild fire undernaeth the sticky wet hair that covers the infection.

The crust of pus and hair hides an infection that spreads rapidly underneath. Hot spots on dogs develop suddenly and are intensely itchy. The poor itchy dog won't stop scratching the area and it will become red and raw.

It is important to take the heat out of the infection. This is easily achieved by bathing the infection. You must clean away all the sticky pus and debris that are sticking the hair to the skin over the infection. Bathe this away with an antiseptic solution or an antispetic shampoo.

Once you have bathed the pus and muck away from the site using either an antiseptic shampoo or oatmeal shampoo, it is important to clip the hair away.

Cutting or shaving away the hair from the skin is difficult if the sore is painful. It can be difficult to cut or clip the hair from the skin because the infection has caused so much inflammation. The sore can be very painful.

In an ideal world you would use clippers to shave the hair from the skin as closely as possible. If the infection is on the face of your pet, clipping the hair away may be difficult. Itmay also be painful for your dog.

If it is difficult to clip the hair away and your pet is experiencing pain, it might be necessary to visit your vet.

If you succeed inclipping the hair away from the site of the infection, you will be amazed at the redness and swelling. The size of the sore is quite shocking once the hair is removed.

The pus should be removed gently from the red, painful sore by bathing. An ideal solution for bathing this weeping sore is a dilute solution of either betadine or chlohexidine. When you use betadine, only use a few drops so that the solution looks like weak tea. Just add only a few drops.

Bacteria on the surface of the infection can be killed using an antiseptic solution.

It is critical to stop the itching and scratching to prevent the sore from worsening. This can be difficult. If you cover the feet of your dog with bandages of socks or even glad wrap, you can prevent the nails of the paws from damaging the skin.

It is one thing to treat hot spots on dogs. It is important to learn what causes hot spots in dogs and preventing them in the first place.


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