What Is The Most Effective Pet Odor Stain Remover

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What Is The Most Effective Pet Odor Stain Remover

Which is the most effective pet odor stain remover? With so many products on the store shelf, you probably are asking yourself which one works the best? To answer that question, it is vital that you understand that there are two different concerns: Stains and odor. You might find that those products that work well removing stains do not quite work well in removing odors. Products that contain enzymes, specifically designed to use urine as a food source work well in remediating pet odor. Products that contain a reducing agent such as oxygen bleach or peroxide work best on staining. A two part solution is often best as one part partially destroys the effectiveness of the other.

Urine stains and pet odor can be really difficult to get out of carpet because the urine has probably made it through the carpet and soaked into the sponge underlay. Trying to treat this from the top of the carpet usually involves applying enough of the product on the carpet to get through to the pad without spreading it too much. The wood or concrete sub floor will also absorb a large amount of urine as well. Large pet stains on carpet are best repaired by disposing of the carpet and coating the sub floor.

Cat urine odor is a lot worse than dog urine because of the pheromones and markers present in urine. These strong scents mark the territory and are designed to last. However, the large quantity of dog urine often creates a much bigger problem. If pet urine has been allowed to dwell for a long time, it will often discolor the carpet, giving stains a fluorescent effect.

If the stain is fresh and small enough, you have a few possibilities: You can use a suitable pet urine stain remover, according to the directions. If the stain is larger and has been there a long while it may be better to call a professional carpet cleaning company who specializes in removal. If you want to solve the problem permanently, think about disposal and replacement.

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