Enema Treatment For Dogs

Enema Treatment For Dogs

Although there are a number of reasons why your dog may need an enema, you should never do this without initially seeking advice from your vet. An enema may be the best method to administer necessary drugs or may be required if the dog is dehydrated through sickness and/or diarrhea. Usually, there are different products available according to the size of the dog. However it is important to keep in mind the fact that the volume of the liquid at one go does not work to hydrate in one go, but continuous intake of liquids is necessary. If your dog is constipated, and laxatives have failed, an enema may be the best solution to the problem. If you are certain that an enema is required proceed in the following manner:-

For smaller dogs you will need 25 - 30cc plastic syringe but for larger breeds an enema bag with a rubber nozzle will be necessary. The volume of liquid to be administered is not as important as getting some liquid into the dogs system, particularly if the dog is dehydrated.

The water that is to be used should not be hot but should be heated to body temperature (101 - 102iF). For smaller dogs add a few grains of sea salt, a few lemon drops and a pinch of potassium chloride to 2-3 tablespoons of the water or for larger dogs - a pint of water. If the enema is being administered only for constipation you will not need potassium chloride or salt. If dehydration exists in your dog you will need to administer the enema every four hours, but make up each dose individually just before you are going to administer it.

Make absolutely certain that the mixture is not too hot, place it into the syringe or enema bag and use vegetable oil to lubricate the end of the syringe or nozzle. It is best to perform this exercise in a sink, bathtub or outside as the dog will want to relieve himself very quickly afterwards. Do not try to perform this task alone, you will need someone to assist in holding the dog and keeping his head facing in the opposite direction. Lift the dogs tail, insert the nozzle or syringe into the rectum and release all of the mixture via gently squeezing the enema bag or pressing the plunger of the syringe. Take the nozzle out and release the dog. The enema works because the colon absorbs the liquid and this is particularly useful when dealing with a dog which is very dehydrated. If the dog appears to have been adversely affected by the enema, call your vet as quickly as possible.

The above treatment should bring your dogs health back to normal and he will certainly feel much better. Just like a family member, your pets well being is equally important and I am sure this will help your dog get relief. However, consult a vet if things are severe or you find no change in the situation.

Written by Jeff Nenadic from My Dog Shop

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