How To Stop Dogs From Barking

How To Stop Dogs From Barking

Do you own a dog? Are you feeling exhausted because of his excessive barking? As much as we love our dogs, excessive barking can be very exasperating. The truth is, excessive barking is a common complaint among dog owners and neighbors. If your dog has barking problems, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about why dog barks excessively and we will tackle how you can effectively control the problem.

Brief Discussion About Dog Barking

People talk, birds tweet and dogs bark. That is how each of us communicates. It is a normal behavior for dogs to bark. But did you know that dog barks for several reasons. Dog barks because they want attention or they are jaded. Every time they feel lonely, mad or afraid they also bark. It is how they can get their owner's interest. The problem arises when dog barks excessively and thier owners are not able to cope with the situation.

It is important to know that vocalizing is different per breed of dog. You will discover that some dogs have loud barks while others have soft barks. According to research, dog breeds that are most likely to bark when they should not be barking are Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland White Terrier, Fox Terrier and Beagle. That is why, if you are a person who like peace and quiet time at home, you need to research first the type of dog breed you will be adopting. Sorry to say, many dog owners who cannot cope with the problem end up giving up their pet to shelters.

Reasons Dogs Bark Excessively

Separation Anxiety

This condition not only happens to humans but to dogs as well. They are pack animals. It is normal for them to feel anxious if left for the first time by their parents or owners.


Dogs can bark excessively whenever they feel threatened. Aside from barking they may tremble or wobble because of fear. They often fear people or other animals that will trespass in their territories. They also fear loud and unpredictable noise.


Again, dogs are like human. They too have feelings. Whenever they are in pain, they bark. That is how they communicate what they are feeling. You will notice that some dogs when they are sick and distressed, they becomes aggressive and they bark excessively.

Aside from separation anxiety, pain and terror are some of the feelings that can trigger for dogs to bark excessively.

How To Deal With The Barking Problem

Identify The Problem

To be effective in your intervention, you need to identify the problem. Know what is triggering the barking. Check if your dog is in pain or if there are other animals or people near your house that your dog feels threatened of.

Do Not Allow The Barking To be Habitual

You need to train from day one, the ground rules. Let him know the things you allow and the things you don't authorize. Some instances will actually come naturally. Let your pet know what you mean by "No Barking" or "Enough". Reward your dog if he listens and understands your command.

Communicate With Your Dog

Your dog needs care and attention. Talk to your dog. Show him that he is loved. Moreover, through communication, you can easily assess the problem with your dog.

Dog barking can be a nuisance. Nonetheless, be patient and be a responsible pet owner and learn how to train your dog. Watch for signs and cues. As mentioned, many owners abandon their dogs because they are not able to handle very well their dog's barking problem. To avoid such unfortunate scene, you need to be one hundred percent sure that you want a dog. Owning a dog requires maturity from the dog owner. Continue to be patient because excessive dog barking is still controllable.

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