Liver Disease In Dogs

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Liver Disease In Dogs

Liver disease in dogs is one of the major causes of death for dogs in the United States. The liver removes waste from the dog's body, detoxifies the blood, and produces bile . Left unchecked, liver damage which impairs the functioning of liver cells can lead to liver failure in dogs. However, the liver has powerful regenerative qualities and liver disease does not have to be a death sentence for your dog.Causes of Liver Damage in DogsSome of the common causes of liver disease in dogs are bacterial infections,, genetic history, poison the dog has consumed or other health conditions These poisons can be found in a variety of toxins that dogs eat that are found in commercial dog food, preservatives, additives, pesticides and even prescribed medications. It is critically important to feed your dog a healthy and nutritious natural diet to help her stay healthy. This means avoiding the vast majority of commercial dog foods which are little more than garbage and poisons that slowly kill your dog with every feeding Only a dog whose body is free of toxic poisoning will be capable of sustaining a healthy immunology and supporting the rest of the bodies organs and functions.Common symptoms of liver disease in dogs are:An increase in water consumption and urinatingLoss of weightLoss of appetiteDiarrheaLethargyJaundiceDistended abdomenJaundiceVomitingHeart Disease Viral InfectionBacterial InfectionVeterinarians tell use that these symptoms may appear gradually or all of a sudden and may also be symptomatic of other conditions as opposed to liver disease.As in many disorders, an early diagnosis of liver disease is desirable. In that the liver has capabilities which permit regeneration, certain diagnosed cases can be managed with a proper diet, antibiotics if a bacterial infection is present, and proper care.

Only your veterinarian can determine whether your dog in fact does have liver disease by conducting blood tests and examination protocols. So by all means if any of the above symptoms are present, contact your veterinarian immediately. If not properly diagnosed by a veterinarian, and your dog has liver disease it can lead to liver failure Treating Dog Liver Disease By A Change in DietDietary modification is one of the most prevalent therapies used in the treatment of dog liver disease. A revised diet for the treatment of liver disease in dogs will include proscribed portions of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and some fats.

The purpose of a revised diet is to alleviate liver disease symptoms and to encourage a regeneration of the damaged liver cells. A holistic veterinarian can help you design a diet that is natural and healthy. You will want to cook it or prepare it your self. Generally this will be a diet low in grains, devoid of fillers, preservatives and by products. After all, you'll be preparing it yourself so you can be sure that it is healthy.Taking your dog off the daily dose of toxins and junk found in commercial dog food is an important step in the recovery of your dogs system to a healthy state. If you opt for buying dog food be sure that it is a very high quality . We use a holistic dog food called "Great Life" that has a layer of raw food freeze dried on it. It's about the best you can find in our viewBy adhering to an appropriate dietary therapy your dog has an excellent chance of improving and possibly recovering from liver diseaseDisclaimer :Please note. I am not a veterinarian. This information is based upon research that I, a lay person found and you could too. If you have any question about your dogs health or the possibility of liver disease and how to treat liver disease in dogs contact your veterinarian without delay.For more information on how to heal liver disease in dogs visit learn why commercial dog food is a killer of man's friend visit article may be reproduced with the author's link displayed

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