Names For Black Dogs

Names For Black Dogs

A breed of dog was developed for each functional and usefulness to us. In this article, we will examine our culture and tradition. Thereby, we can help find a good name for mostly black dogs.

Base on functionality, there are over five hundred dog breeds in the world. However, only one hundred twenty five dog breeds were registered with American Kernel Club.

Here are some of the dog breeds that are usually black: American Water Spaniel, German Collie, Formosan Mountain Dog, Belgian Sheepdog, Bergamasco, Black Russian Terrier, Bouvier des Flandres, Boykin Spaniel, Cao De Castro Laboreiro, Curly Coated Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Flat Coated Retriever, German Pinscher, Patterdale Terrier, Schipperke, and Schnauzer.

The black color symbolizes power, elegance, formal, and mystery. When we go to a formal event like weddings, interviews, and reunions, we usually wear formal attire. Men wear black tie, bow tie, tuxedos, while women wear long or cocktail dresses. The black tie invitation signals a formal event. And, we have to look elegant and formal.

Giorgio Armani is a famous Italian fashion designer who makes luxurious, expensive, formal, and elegant clothes. The quality of clothes is almost incomparable. There have been some dog owners that gave Giorgio or Armani as dog names. It is easy fall in love with the name. Giorgio is Greek dog name meaning earth worker or farmer, while Armani is an Italian dog name meaning free man.

Mela is a female Greek dog name which means black or dark. Or, she wears a black dress. Melaney, Melania, Melanie, and Melany are female Greek dog names which is a variation of Mela.

Chocolate and Coffee is an alternative dog name for black dogs. After adding more cacaos in chocolate, you can make a darker chocolate. It is almost black. makes a good Cacao is the main ingredient for a confection called Chocolate.

Coffee is a hot drink from coffee beans. Without milk or cream, the coffee is almost black. Thereby, the Chocolate and Coffee makes as a good dog names for black dogs.

Here are the black dogs with a hint of tan and white: Appenzell Mountain Dog, Australian Kelpe, Beuceron, Bernese Mountain Dog, Coonhound, Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Hunt Terrier, Lancashire Heeler, Manchester Terrier, Manchester Toy Terrier, Pomapoo, Rottweiler, and Yorkshire Terrier.

Cinnamon and Guiness fits for black and tan dogs. After baking a cinnamon bun, you made a delicious pastry. Some dark parts are burned and black.

Guiness is a tasty alcoholic drink or beer. It was developed by Arthur Guiness. The beer is think and creamy. In a beer glass, the beer is a half black and half tan. Therefore, Cinnamon and Guiness makes a good dog name for black and tan dogs.

Here are black dogs with a hint of white: Bearded Collie, and Boston Terrier. Oreo which is a delicious cookie fits for black and white dogs. The cookie consists of two black cookies which hold the delicious white cream in the middle. It is best eaten by dipping with milk.

The dogs come in various colors. There are breeds that are mostly black. By digging deeper our culture and tradition, we can find excellent name for the cute and pretty dogs. They just deserve the best and perfect dog name for black dog.

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