Pomeranians Are Excellent Watch Dogs

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Pomeranians Are Excellent Watch Dogs

Being a breed that enjoys a profuse and also dense coat of hair, Pomeranian grooming requires lots of brushing and shedding. No doubt the Pomeranian does have attributes that endears him to his owners including being very intelligent, courageous and loyal. Despite being small in size, it still can do the job of guarding your home very well, although excessive barking can become a problem with some. Still, it is a smart animal that can be trained with lots of time and patience and with a well-maintained Pomeranian puppy cut, can be groomed very easily.

To keep your Pomeranian healthy and happy regular visits to the vet for checkups are mandatory as well as recommended scheduled vaccinations. Grooming is very important to keep the Pomeranian looking good, but also to keep it healthy. And with a Pomeranian puppy cut this task is made much easier. Another very important aspect to proper Pomeranian grooming is to keep the ears, teeth clean and the nails trimmed.

The American Kennel Club has pretty exacting standards that must be followed if you plan on showing your Pomeranian in any sanctioned competitions. Care should be given not too cut too much hair or disqualification could be the result. You do want to trim enough of your Pomeranian's coat to enhance the overall appearance, such as unruly or wild hairs. Trim a very small amount at a time and evaluate the look in between trimming sessions. It would be a great idea to enlist the help of a well-qualified trained Pomeranian groomer to show you where and how much is allowable to meet the American Kennel Club standard.

Trimming the Pomeranian's coat is a great idea if your dog is simply a pet. A short puppy cut will mean less vacuuming because there will be much less shedding. Since most pet Pomeranians live indoors the dog may be more comfortable with less hair and the time it takes to groom your pet will take less time. Health can also be affected with a shorter cut, as the hair will be less likely to get matted and harbor infection.

The Pomeranian puppy cut is ideal for pet owners that do not have the time, such as busy working singles, or the physical ability, such as elderly retired people, to maintain the naturally long thick coat. Of course every Pomeranian is different and will require different grooming regimens. Luckily, Pomeranians, whether cut for show or convenience, are very cute and loyal as long as you cater to their need for attention and discipline.

Given that the long coat of the Pomeranian is a hallmark of their beauty, there is certainly a need to groom its coat frequently so that it remains smooth and shiny. Because the Pomeranian loves to sit on your lap you might find that grooming the long hair is easy and convenient. Brushing each day can be done while watching television, reading a book or even just chatting with a friend. This grooming activity is something that your Pomeranian will surely enjoy.

There is very little that Rosie Allan does not know about when it comes to keeping and caring for animals, especially the Pomeranian. Proper Pomeranian grooming will keep your pet looking its cutest and well maintained as well. A puppy cut requires special Pomeranian grooming supplies so it may be better left to a professional.

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